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React Round Slider

Experience an accessible and mobile-friendly React Round Slider library, powered by TypeScript and SVG


Precision and Flexibility

Benefit from TypeScript's strong typing and enjoy the flexibility to customize your slider with SVG elements, creating a slider that perfectly suits your needs.

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React Round Slider

const [pointers, setPointers] = useState<ISettingsPointer[]>([
    { value: 0, radius: 25, bgColor: '#c20cff' },
    { value: 25, radius: 20, bgColor: '#4be28c' }

return (
        pointers={ pointers }
        onChange={ setPointers }


Multiple Pointers

The library support any number of pointers (knobs/handles). You can fine-tune each pointer's appearance, color, and behavior with ease, adapting the slider to fit your unique project requirements.

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Sleek Design with SVG

Leverage the power of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to achieve sharp, high-quality visuals that scale effortlessly across devices, from desktops to mobile.

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React Round Slider

      pathStartAngle={ 0 }
      pathEndAngle={ 180 }
      pathRadius={ 150 }
      pathThickness={ 15 }
      pathBgColor={ '#efefef' }
      pathInnerBgColor={ '#efefef' }
      pathBorder={ 2 }
      pathBorderColor={ '#28586c' }
      textOffsetY={ 70 }
      textFontSize={ 24 }
      pointers={ pointers }


Numbers, Text, or Range

The slider range can be defined by a minimum and maximum numbers. Another option is to provide a list of individual (discrete) values. Both text and numeric data are supported.

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Styles, Design, Animation

The library has multiple options for customizing the appearance of the slider. Circle radius, start & end angles, border size, colors, hover and focus, and other properties can be customized using the slider attributes. Custom SVGs can be used as pointers, and there is an on-click animation.

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Advanced Features

The slider has a large set of advanced features such as: the ability to disable the entire slider or individual knobs; range dragging support; pointers overlap, and more.

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CSS Frameworks

Framework Agnostic

From Bootstrap to Tailwind CSS, Material UI or Bulma - the slider plays well with any CSS framework or custom styles.

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Image by Vectorportal.com, CC BY


MIT License

The library is free to use in any personal or commercial project.

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